The Martin / Duchene Farmhouse

Built by Miles Duchene in 1916, this farmhouse has been restored by the Brownstown Historical Society and is now known as the Brownstown Historical Museum.

The original DuChene family house burned down around 1914. Miles and his sons built this new house with lumber sawn from trees felled on the farm.

The building that is now the kitchen was moved to the site with the family’s team of horses, when the house was finished, the building was moved up against the house to serve as the kitchen area.

Miles’ granddaughter, Edna DuChene-Martin was the last of the family to occupy the home.

The farm reverted to the state for unpaid taxes and was acquired by the township in 1989 from the state Dept. of Natural Resources.

The Brownstown Historical Commission, formed in 1993 took responsibility for the building.

The Brownstown Historical Society, formed in 1994, began its restoration of the site and building on that date.