Maple Grove School

Taken from district records and memories Mary Strewing-Quick-Erving.  (Complete transcript online here )

Records of our school begin in 1865 when Miss N.F. Fair was engaged to teach at a one-room log building located on the south side of Van Horn Road, mid way between Telegraph and Arsenal Roads.  After a few years a new one room log school house was built on the northeast corner of Van Horn and Telegraph Roads. 

Around 1869, Mr. Moses Rumsey donated 1/2 acre of ground on the south east corner of Van Horn & Telegraph Road, to be used for school and church purposes.  A short while later, a school building was erected and named Maple Grove to reflect on the many beautiful Maple trees then standing there. 

In 1889 a twelve foot addition to the building was completed. Soon after, plans for the first brick school house were made, this building near to and facing Van Horn was completed in January of 1906. 

 In 1915, L. Near Rumsey and his wife Clara donated the adjoining 1/2 acre to the south of the land that his father donated.  

Around 1942/43 and a larger 8 room  brick school was built and it served as Maple Grove School.   This building also faced Van Horn Road.  This building was demolished in 2013.   The lot at Van Horn and Telegraph now sits as an empty field.

Maple Grove as a one room school house

Newspaper article from 1985

2013 moments before demolition.

2013 demolition of Maple Grove School.

Map showing various locations of Maple Grove buildings

Maple Grove School (Unknown date)