October 1966,  Volume 1, Number 1

SEWER APPROVED —kJ. ; New Secretary I MRS. EVA WITTE The newest member of the official township family is Mrs. Eva Witte, 22140 Sibley Road. Mrs. Witte has been retained by the Township Board to perform the duties of recording secretary for all official township meetings on a part time basis. Almost a life-long resident of the township, Mrs. Witte is the mother of four daughters, Diane 22, Drnna 21, Dirlene 18, and Dorene 15. She is active in many school and community affairs and is a member of the board of directors of the Downriver Child Guidance Clinic, a position she has held since 1950. The available land in the Township, the water program started a few years ago and the present sewer program place Brownstown Township in the enviable position of potentially being one of the most financially secure communities in the downriver area. the growth of the surrounding area has been phenomenal. New starts in commercial, residential and industrial construction have exceeded most expectations. Evidence of the competition for industrial tax base has been indicated to Township residents in the many annexation attempts over the past years. The Wayne County Board of Supervisors approved, in principal, a five million dollarnetwork of new sewers and interceptor drains for Brownstown Township. The proposal initiated by the Township Board has also been cleared by the RoadCommission, the Ways and Means Committee and the Water and Sewers Committee of Wayne County. Present plans indicate that the contracts will be letforbiddingin January 1967 andthe saleofbonds will take place in February 1967. Applications have been made by Township officials for Federal aid under one or more of the existing programs. Industrial taxes are the manna from heaven all communities need to support a progressive program of civic improvement. A community with a good balance of Industrial and residential development can supply its residents with the services theyneed at a reasonable cost. However, if the area developes primarily along residential lines, improvements demanded by its citizens can only be provided with an increase in taxes. In addition to providing for the present health needs ofTownship residents, the 31 mile system of sanitary sewers and interceptor drains, extending from the northern-most portion of the Township to the extreme southeastern section, will open a large portion of Brownstown Township for industrial, commercial and residential development. With most available land in adjacent communities, now sold, developed or committed, industrial and commercial interests have shifted their attention to the virgin lands of Brownstown Township. The effect of the sewer program will have a definite economic impact on the area. Brownstown Township is one of the few remaining communities in the downriver area with unlimited expansion and development potential. Over the past few years
Page 2 BROWNSTOWN NEWS October, 1966 October, 1966 BROWNSTOWN NEWS Page 3 FIRE-ARMS HURON RIVER DREDGING STARTS ORDINANCE SOUGHT Reference:U.S.L.S. Charf W 3 CHANNEL EXTENSION 3 REQUESTED channel FENCE INSTALLED SECTION REFUSE PICK-UP STARTS DECEMBER Cunliffe, Berecz, PROPOSED CHANNEL: IN LAKE ERIE NEAR BROWNSTOWN WAYNE COUNTY, MICH. I ......Clerk .Treasurer ...Trustee ...Trustee ...Trustee , ..Trustee To raise money the Boosters staged a direct person to person campaign with the slogan “Give a Buck For Muck” the Boosters brought in close to $2,000 in small contributions. Larger contributions came from other areas. The Townships of Brownstown and Berlin each gave $200 toward the project. South Rockwood contributed $200 and the Michigan Marine Dealers Association gave $461.93. Now that the first stage of the program to improve the recreational aspects ofthe HuronRiverPointe Mouille area has started the Boosters are already making plans for the next step whichwill include work on the river up to West Jefferson Avenue. The Boosters hope, in a long range program, to open up the entire river up to Flat Rock forrecreational use.
Page 4 BROWNSTOWN NEWS October, 1906 TOWNSHIP NEW INDUSTRY MOVES IN MEETING NOTES r,. WATER MAIN EXTENSION PROGRAM At the September 19 meeting: I Township Clerk Hazel Cunllffe was authorized to assemble information on several parcels of land for the proposed Township Civic Center site. The information will be presented toplanning consultants Vilican & Leman for their opinion. Contracts were letfor dredging of the Huron River. (See story this issue) Acting on a petition submitted by residents of the Katherine Street - Racho Road area, the Township Water Board approved the extension of water main service to the subdivision. The petition for water service was made verbally by residents who attended the meeting of the Township Water Board September 20. Poor water conditions and several cases of Hepatitis were cited by citizens attending the meeting. The firm of Edwin Orr Inc., was authorized to prepare engineering drawings and specification for the project on a motion by Township Clerk Hazel Cunllffe, supported by Trustee Naysmith. Property owners on both sides of the street affected by this water main extension will be Leon York 23750 Liddle Trenton, Mich. Bulk Rate U.S. Postage PAID Flat Rock, Mich. Permit No. 35 The United Foundation was granted approval to solicit the Township for funds forthe annual United Foundation Drive, 'township Clerk Hazel Cunllffe will serve as chairman of the drive for Township office personnel. ♦ ♦ ♦ Approval was grantedto Robert C. Cousineau and George E. Courtney to transfer their liquor license from 23044 Telegraph Road to the northwest corner of Carter and Telegraph Road. ♦ ♦ * ♦ ♦ ♦ A resolution regardingthe proposed all-American channel was adopted. (See story in thisissue.) ♦ ♦ ♦ The Board of Trustees approved the purchase oftwoplanks which will be used by residents for the repair of a bridge on Cherry Island Road. ♦ ♦ ♦ Mr. Begeman, representingthe Cherry Island Subdivision property owners, asked for an opinion of rights, if any, vested in property owners for use ofthe Cherry Island Road. Township Attorney DeBaiasi advised Mr. Begeman that the problem appears to be a civic matter and suggested that the residentspursue it independently. Another step forward in the progress of the Township is marked in new industrial construction. Pictured here is a part of the new office and warehouse complex being erected by Downriver Electric Company. The construction site is on Allen Road just north of King Road. In other action the Water Board approved final payment of $10,108.80 for construction and $454.90 in engineering fees on the water main extension project on Huron River Drive east of West Jefferson Avenue. The project consisting of 1000 feet of water main extending from West Jefferson to McCann Street